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Lasting Flow

Lasting Flow, MG001001 Miniature-GIANT
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Lasting Flow, MG001001
We at Miniature-GIANT are very proud to offer our exclusive paint control additive, called "Lasting-Flow", #MG001001.   Lasting-Flow™ is a combined flow improver and fluid retarder -- for convenient and precise paint control.

  • As an acrylic flow improver, Lasting-Flow™ increases flow properties of acrylic paints by reducing the fluid's surface tension with negligible loss of color strength.   This significantly improves the paint's flow characteristics, providing you with more precise control and positioning, without "watering down" your pigment.
  • As a fluid retarder, Lasting-Flow™ is an acrylic polymer emulsion for slowing drying and increasing blending time.   This enables you to work with your colors, including custom color blends, without them rapidly "drying down", "thickening up", and becoming increasingly difficult to work with.   Lasting-Flow provides you the time you need to do your magic!

Lasting-Flow™ is a precise mixture of 25% flow improver, 25% fluid retarder, and 50% distilled water.   This ratio is recommended by leading artists in the miniature painting field and personally tested by Miniature-GIANT staff and found to be an excellent proportion -- providing the choice combination of excellent flow control and extended drying time.   For more information on paint additives, their use and advantages, see the excellent article "Let It Flow" by Darin Hlavaz.

You can, of course, buy high quality component ingredients and mix them yourself -- we sell two of the best: Winsor & Newton Acrylic Flow Improver and Liquitex Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder! However, most commercial paint additives are packaged with canvas painters in mind -- not in convenient dropper bottles and not in appropriate sizes.   Even small bottles can easily cost over $10!  AND then, you would still need to buy distilled water AND a dropper bottle and manually measure AND mix your ingredients.

Lasting-Flow™ simply provides convenience and consistency, and at a reasonable volume and price.   Our 1/2 ounce dropper bottle of Lasting-Flow is designed for convenient use and storage with your existing miniatures paints and provides enough paint additive for a very long time.
(Conversion charts indicate over 1000 full drops/ounce - and I rarely use a "full drop"!)

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