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Birthday Female, Blue Jean, Yellow Flower

Birthday Female, Blue Jean, Yellow Flower, Laura-Birth-F164 Cards by Laura
SKU   Laura-Birth-F164
Weight   1.00 oz
Status   Current
Card Size   4.25 x 5.5 (A2)
Card Opens   Vertically
Color   Navy base-card, layered with a denim blue, embellished with yellow, green, burgundy, red & tan.
Target   Female
Inside Text   Friends don't let friends get older alone.
Inside Description   In the lower left corner is a smaller pocket with a tiny burgundy bandana.
Suggested Price(MSRP):   $7.85
Price:   $5.49   30% OFF

Birthday Female, Blue Jean, Yellow Flower, Laura-Birth-F164
This adorable 3D handmade birthday card is unique and so unbelievably cute! It is a perfect birthday card for your girlfriend in your life! Can't you just live in blue jeans? The whole front of the card looks like the backside of your favorite blue jeans. It looks so authentic it's not funny! The blue jeans are complete with the all the legit stitching, waistband, belt loops, pockets. It even has the little red tag sewn by the pocket, and the familiar brown tag at the waist band. The jeans "material" is a dark wash "denim" printed paper. It has all the standard stitching in black ink. The pockets and waistband are on elevated layers. The three belt loops wrap around the waistband. Also at the waistband is the brown tag that normally gives you the size/style/length, now features the brown embossed greeting of: Happy Birthday! It has faux stitching all around the tag. The two pockets have "embroidered" yellow flowers with pale green leaves. The one on the right has the recognizable little red tag that is sewn to the left of the pocket. Instead of a brand name, it now says "Heart" You! The left pocket has a burgundy bandana sticking out of it. The base card is navy, but it doesn't show from the front of the card, which opens vertically. The inside sentiment reads: Friends don't let friends get older alone. In the lower left corner is a smaller pocket with a tiny burgundy bandana. It comes with a pale gray mailing envelope. It is an A2 card size: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".


  • The color shown may vary slightly due to your own monitor settings, lighting, etc. Color names provided in the card's description should only be used as a guide.
  • The ends of all ribbons are tucked between layers, or if they are exposed, the ends are treated with Fray Check so they will not unravel.
  • Stock exists on most cards. Unless noted, all cards can be reproduced. Extra time will be required to fulfill your order and any back ordered cards. Please remember, these cards are all handmade -- if fulfilling your order will take much longer than normal, due to other outstanding orders, we will email you for approval and issue a full refund if the delivery estimate is unacceptable. Of course, you can always email us in advance for an "estimated time of shipment" before placing your order. Since these cards are individually handmade, each card will be a unique work of art and cannot exactly match to the images show. Your completed order indicates that you understand and accept this reality.

On a Personal Note: When you post any card that contains a "bumpy" embellishment, you add a foam insert to that area so the card won't get damaged by the machinery.


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