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Prayer, Golden Snapdragon

Prayer, Golden Snapdragon, Laura-Pray-121C Cards by Laura
SKU   Laura-Pray-121C
Weight   1.20 oz
Status   Current
Card Size   4"x 5 1/2" (A2)
Card Opens   Horizontally
Color   Goldenrod base-card, layered with white & gary, embellished with gold and green.
Target   Female
Inside Text   God may not always give us what we want, but he'll always give us what we need.
Inside Description   The sentiment is on a speckled sheet.
Type   Christian
Suggested Price(MSRP):   $7.85
Price:   $5.49   30% OFF

Prayer, Golden Snapdragon, Laura-Pray-121C
This elegant 3D handmade card is vibrant in color and absolutely stunning! The cards focus is on the gorgeous bold stocks of snapdragons! This is not colored with Copics. It is a stamp layering process where you continue to stamp over a previous stamp, but with a different color. The trick is to line the stamps up as perfectly as you can. This is very time consuming, and this is the most detailed flower layering I've done. During the process you would not believe how many flowers I trashed because I messed up one stamping. (Yes, I've got a touch of perfectionism in me.) There are a total of twelve stamps for both flowers and two on each leaf. If you do it right, the effect is amazing! This snapdragons are done in shades of yellows and the leaves, of course in greens. The flowers are highlighted with a touch of shimmering glitter. It looks just like dew! The image is stamped on white cardstock, die cut. The front of this cardstock is actually a white with multi-colored speckles. To the right side of the card are three soft gray accent strips, varying in width. The snapdragons are glued into position, one being partially on the gray strips. In the upper portion of the card between the snapdragons is the outside sentiment. It reads: I am praying on your behalf. There are three random mirror confetti disks. This panel runs the length of the card and is on and elevated layer. The base card is a bright goldenrod color and is visible on the left and right side of the snapdragon section. The card opens vertically. The sentiment sheet is the speckled cardstock and it states: God may not always give us what we want, but he'll always give us what we need. It comes with a white envelope. It is an A2 card size: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".


  • The color shown may vary slightly due to your own monitor settings, lighting, etc. Color names provided in the card's description should only be used as a guide.
  • The ends of all ribbons are tucked between layers, or if they are exposed, the ends are treated with Fray Check so they will not unravel.
  • Stock exists on most cards. Unless noted, all cards can be reproduced. Extra time will be required to fulfill your order and any back ordered cards. Please remember, these cards are all handmade -- if fulfilling your order will take much longer than normal, due to other outstanding orders, we will email you for approval and issue a full refund if the delivery estimate is unacceptable. Of course, you can always email us in advance for an "estimated time of shipment" before placing your order. Since these cards are individually handmade, each card will be a unique work of art and cannot exactly match to the images show. Your completed order indicates that you understand and accept this reality.

On a Personal Note: When you post any card that contains a "bumpy" embellishment, you should add a foam insert to that area so the card won't be damaged by the machinery.


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