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Encouragement, Pastel Flowers w/Braid

Encouragement, Pastel Flowers w/Braid, Laura-Encour-130 Cards by Laura
SKU   Laura-Encour-130
Weight   0.63 oz
Status   Current
Card Size   4"x5"(A2)
Card Opens   Horizontally
Color   Floral base card in white and pastels of pink, blue and yellow.
Target   Female
Inside Text   "One day I'll catch up, but remember - you were amazing first!"
Inside Description   Above the sentiment is a scroll design in pastel green.
Suggested Price(MSRP):   $6.98
Price:   $4.98   29% OFF

Encouragement, Pastel Flowers w/Braid, Laura-Encour-130
This 3D card opens horizontally. It is a very feminine and truly unique card! The base card is a soft print in pastel colors. There are pink and yellow roses, along with some blue morning glories. The back ground features a pattern of tiny gray polka dots. The focal point of this card is the lovely braiding along the "spine" of the card. The right edge of the front of the card has been cut in a curve. There is a stitching pattern along the edge. The inside layer of the card is in pink, and it is visible along this edge and through the braiding on the left side. In the lower right corner of the card has a yellow oval with a dotted pierced edging. It states: You are amazing. Above the sentiment is a pink doodle and a tiny pearl. This sentiment is framed with a scalloped blue cardstock and is on an elevated layer. To the right of the sentiment, on the inner pink cardstock is a large pearl, bordered with two smaller pearls.


  • The color shown may vary slightly due to your own monitor settings, lighting, etc. Color names provided in the card's description should only be used as a guide.
  • The ends of all ribbons are tucked between layers, or if they are exposed, the ends are treated with Fray Check so they will not unravel.
  • Stock exists on most cards. Unless noted, all cards can be reproduced. Extra time will be required to fulfill your order and any back ordered cards. Please remember, these cards are all handmade -- if fulfilling your order will take much longer than normal, due to other outstanding orders, we will email you for approval and issue a full refund if the delivery estimate is unacceptable. Of course, you can always email us in advance for an "estimated time of shipment" before placing your order. Since these cards are individually handmade, each card will be a unique work of art and cannot exactly match to the images show. Your completed order indicates that you understand and accept this reality.

On a Personal Note: When you post a card that contains "bumpy" embellishment, you should add a foam insert to that area so the card won't be damaged by the machinery.


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