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2010 NUDE Convention Sophie, Urban Legends (Limited Edition, Discontinued)

2010 NUDE Convention Sophie, Urban Legends (Limited Edition, Discontinued), 1507 Reaper Miniatures, Inc.
SKU   1507
Weight   1.13 oz
Status   Discontinued - No Longer Being Manufactured
(only available on the secondary market)
Race   Succubus
Class/Faction   Noncombatant
Sex/Age   Winged Noncombatant
Holding (Both)   (empty)
Armor   (nude)
Sculptor   Gene Van Horne
Painter   Rhonda Bender
Price:   $299.99
2010 NUDE Convention Sophie, Urban Legends (Limited Edition, Discontinued), 1507
Event figures, like this one, were only available at specific events, in this case only if you actually attended ReaperCon '10 in person, and they were not made available to distributors, retailers, or even on Reaper's web site! You had to actually be there. Furthermore, after ReaperCon '10, we are told the mold is retired and no additional figures will be cast. As you can imagine, these are very rare -- we have only ever seen ONE of these -- in fact, we didn't even know they were made until someone brought us this one and we confirmed its authenticity with Reaper. We have never seen one of these for sale on the secondary market -- anywhere -- not at a con, not on eBay, not anywhere! We have exactly ONE of these beautiful, rare pieces -- and may never have another one!

Due to rarity, #1507 does NOT qualify for our quantity discount program.

This Limited Edition series figure by Reaper Miniatures is entitled "2010 Nude Convention Sophie, Urban Legends (Limited Edition, Discontinued)", #1507 -- although the blister actually states "Sophie for 2009 UL" (UL = Urban Legend). This pewter miniature is of a winged succubus bending over a grave. "2010 Nude Convention Sophie, Urban Legends (Limited Edition, Discontinued)" was sculpted by Gene Van Horne. This figure was first released by Reaper on May 19, 2010. Miniature-GIANT has only been able to obtain a single copy of this rare figure in a direct purchase from a ReaperCon attendee, despite beating the "bushes" relentlessly, so to speak!

This Limited Edition miniature shows a winged female adult kneeling by a tombstone and wearing, well, actually, nothing at all (it is completely nude and let's just say it is .... anotomically correct, in every detail). Although the image shows the normal Convention figure as painted by Rhonda Bender -- and blotted out for clarity, this Reaper product comes not painted and may require some assembly. We have included an image of the blister pack and a close-up of the front of the figure as best we could obtain through the sealed blister pack. For additional images -- you will have to use your imagination, after all, isn't that what this hobby is all about! When completed, this miniature will consist of one EXTREMELY RARE, Limited Edition model.

I know the price is pretty steep, but frankly, I hate to let this little piece go! If you're looking for a truely RARE figure, perhaps a very special gift, this is IT!

NOTE: This Limited Edition miniature is new and in mint condition, though the package may have some minor "shelf wear" -- just as you would expect to find in a local retail store. We guarantee that this miniature is absolutely new and unused. See our "Bargain Bin" section for SPECIALS, including products with heavily damaged packaging.

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