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Dragons don't Share (Limited Edition - Discontinued)

Dragons don't Share (Limited Edition - Discontinued), 10003 Reaper Miniatures, Inc.
SKU   10003
Weight   40.00 oz
Status   Discontinued - No Longer Being Manufactured
(only available on the secondary market)
Race   Dwarf / Dragon
Class/Faction   Unarmed Rogue
Sex/Age   Male / Adult
Holding (Right)   Bag
Armor   Cloth
Sculptor   Bob Olley
Price:   $399.95
Dragons don't Share (Limited Edition - Discontinued), 10003
This boxed set was released by Reaper in mid-1999 as a Limited Edition run of only 2500 units. Dragons Don't Share is over 6" tall and has an oval 3" x 5" base.
This boxed set has been "out of stock" at Reaper for many years, however when they did have them available, they described the set as follows:
      Listen well my weary traveling friend,
      to a tale adventurous, sad and bold;
      of our hero Digger McGee’s tragic end,
      and the theft of Nathavarr’s ancient gold.
      He was a weaver of stories such as I,
      a finder of treasure from dungeons deep.
      Digger found the drake’s lair on mountain high,
      and chanced upon the dread wyrm in its sleep.
      Digger was a dwarf stealthy, swift and strong,
      dreaming himself rich from robbing the drake,
      quick he ran from whence he did not belong,
      he laughed under breath and caused it to wake.
      No twinkle of eye where mirth once did live,
      ashes now, what was once bone and hair,
      no greater admonition did he give,
      the final lesson is: Dragons Don’t Share!
This is truely a beautiful piece, and my personal favorite! With its large size, clever subject, limited print run (2500), and years since it was available through Reaper, this boxed set is getting extremely difficult to find in any condition. Our copy is absolutely perfect, unopened, and with a beautiful display box.

This boxed set by Reaper Miniatures is entitled "Dragons don't Share", #10003. "Dragons don't Share" was sculpted by Bob Olley and shows a male dwarf, Digger McGee, hiding from an angry dragon. Apparently Digger has helped himself to a bag of the dragon's treasure, and would rather not give it back.

NOTE: This set is new and in mint condition, though the package may have some minor "shelf wear" -- just as you would expect to find in a local retail store. We guarantee that this set is absolutely new and unused. See our "Bargain Bin" section for SPECIALS, including products with heavily damaged packaging.

This product is NOT eligible for our quantity discount program.


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