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Master Series Paints

Reaper Paints - Master Series Paints

assorted Master Series Paints All figures are sold unpainted and unassembled

Master Series Paints were launched in 2004 and are a professional-quality acrylic paint specifically formulated for painting metal miniatures.   Each bottle is 1/2 oz, non-toxic, and will clean up quickly with water.   Master Series Paints have excellent flow properties and many painters prefer to use them "straight from the bottle".

Reaper Master Series paint is formulated to be beneficial to painters of all levels.   Here are some of the advantages that make Master Series Paint a joy to work with:

Whether you're an advanced painter with years of experience behind you or a brand-new painter who's only just picked up a brush, Reaper Master Series Paint is a valuable addition to your painting arsenal!
(Color samples are approximations, due to differences in monitor types and user settings.)

Reaper Master Series Paints are available in the following packaging:

• Singles (307 colors)
• High Density (54 colors)
  • Bones Singles (54 colors)
• Triads (98 sets)
  • Sets (10 sets)
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