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RACE - the intrinsic nature of the item being represented

2685: Mohng, Formorian Giant 2770: Lunkh Bullhoof, Hill Giant w/Rock This RACE category is to assist you in finding that special figure, across the entire Dark Heaven Legends line.  For example, if you are wanting to create an army of giants, this category would help you find the right one, whether it is a current or out of production (OOP) figure.
According to Reaper Miniatures, a figure's characteristics are often open to individual interpretation.  So, without definitive guidance, we have spent countless weeks/months trying to accurately represent each figure.  Of course, we cannot guarantee our opinions will perfectly match yours (or even that we didn't typo ourselves silly), but we did do our bestest.
If you really think that we missed it -- PLEASE email us, we don't want to look too stupid.

That said, we have established the following sub-categories within RACE:



2385: Dwarven Bear Cavalry
Note that each miniature is listed in every sub-category that they might reasonably fit, for example a male dwarf riding a bear will be listed under: "Dwarf-Male", "Dwarf-Mounted", "Animal-Mounted", and "Animal-Other".
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