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Hero Wars / Hero Quest

    Prince Argrath (Discontinued), HQ3001
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Prince Argrath (Discontinued)Add to wish listPrince Argrath (Discontinued)
    Harrek The Berserk (Discontinued), HQ3002
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Harrek The Berserk (Discontinued)Add to wish listHarrek The Berserk (Discontinued)
    Gunda The Guilty (Discontinued), HQ3003
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Gunda The Guilty (Discontinued)Buy NowGunda The Guilty (Discontinued)
Gunda The Guilty (Discontinued)Add to wish listGunda The Guilty (Discontinued)
    The Red Emperor (Discontinued), HQ3004
OUR PRICE: $4.99

The Red Emperor (Discontinued)Buy NowThe Red Emperor (Discontinued)
The Red Emperor (Discontinued)Add to wish listThe Red Emperor (Discontinued)
    Jar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued), HQ3005
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Jar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)Buy NowJar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)
Jar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)Add to wish listJar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)
    Fazzur Wideread (Discontinued), HQ3006
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Fazzur Wideread (Discontinued)Add to wish listFazzur Wideread (Discontinued)
    Rjorni The Grim (Discontinued), HQ3007
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Rjorni The Grim (Discontinued)Buy NowRjorni The Grim (Discontinued)
Rjorni The Grim (Discontinued)Add to wish listRjorni The Grim (Discontinued)
    Guy Of Nolos (Discontinued), HQ3008
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Guy Of Nolos (Discontinued)Buy NowGuy Of Nolos (Discontinued)
Guy Of Nolos (Discontinued)Add to wish listGuy Of Nolos (Discontinued)
    Lunar Warriors (3) (Discontinued), HQ3009
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Lunar Warriors (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listLunar Warriors (3) (Discontinued)
    Lunar Warband (3) (Discontinued), HQ3010
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Lunar Warband (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listLunar Warband (3) (Discontinued)
    Dark Troll Fighters (3) (Discontinued), HQ3011
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dark Troll Fighters (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDark Troll Fighters (3) (Discontinued)
    Dark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued), HQ3012
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Dark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)Buy NowDark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)
Dark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)
    Trollkin Fighters (4) (Discontinued), HQ3013
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Trollkin Fighters (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTrollkin Fighters (4) (Discontinued)
    Trollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued), HQ3014
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Trollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)Buy NowTrollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)
Trollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTrollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)
    Troll Command Group (4) (Discontinued), HQ3015
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Troll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)Buy NowTroll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)
Troll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTroll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)
    Great Troll (Discontinued), HQ3016
OUR PRICE: $7.49

Out of stock
Great Troll (Discontinued)Add to wish listGreat Troll (Discontinued)
    Great Troll II (Discontinued), HQ3017
OUR PRICE: $7.49

Great Troll II (Discontinued)Buy NowGreat Troll II (Discontinued)
Great Troll II (Discontinued)Add to wish listGreat Troll II (Discontinued)
    Walktapus (Discontinued), HQ3018
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Walktapus (Discontinued)Buy NowWalktapus (Discontinued)
Walktapus (Discontinued)Add to wish listWalktapus (Discontinued)
    Ludoch Mermaid (Discontinued), HQ3019
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Ludoch Mermaid (Discontinued)Buy NowLudoch Mermaid (Discontinued)
Ludoch Mermaid (Discontinued)Add to wish listLudoch Mermaid (Discontinued)
    Malasp Merman (Discontinued), HQ3020
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Malasp Merman (Discontinued)Buy NowMalasp Merman (Discontinued)
Malasp Merman (Discontinued)Add to wish listMalasp Merman (Discontinued)
    Zabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued), HQ3021
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Zabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)Buy NowZabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)
Zabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)Add to wish listZabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)
    Ysabbau Merman (Discontinued), HQ3022
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Ysabbau Merman (Discontinued)Buy NowYsabbau Merman (Discontinued)
Ysabbau Merman (Discontinued)Add to wish listYsabbau Merman (Discontinued)
    Brian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued), HQ3023
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Brian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)Buy NowBrian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)
Brian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)Add to wish listBrian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)
    Kallyr Starbrow (Discontinued), HQ3024
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Kallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)Buy NowKallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)
Kallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)Add to wish listKallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)
    Vingan Cult Warrior Maiden (Discontinued), HQ3025
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Vingan Cult Warrior Maiden (Discontinued)Add to wish listVingan Cult Warrior Maiden (Discontinued)
    Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued), HQ3026
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)Buy NowBabeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)
Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)Add to wish listBabeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)
    Yanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued), HQ3027
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Yanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)Buy NowYanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)
Yanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)Add to wish listYanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Scouts (4) (Discontinued), HQ3028
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Scouts (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Scouts (4) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Fighters (3) (Discontinued), HQ3029
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Fighters (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Fighters (3) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Command (3) (Discontinued), HQ3030
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Command (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Command (3) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Champion (Discontinued), HQ3031
OUR PRICE: $7.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Champion (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Champion (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Demibird Rider w/Spear (Discontinued), HQ3032
OUR PRICE: $9.99

Out of stock
Dragonewt Demibird Rider w/Spear (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Demibird Rider w/Spear (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Demibird Rider (Bow) (Discontinued), HQ3033
OUR PRICE: $9.99

Out of stock
Dragonewt Demibird Rider (Bow) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Demibird Rider (Bow) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Nobles (3) (Discontinued), HQ3034
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Nobles (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Nobles (3) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Ruler (Discontinued), HQ3035
OUR PRICE: $16.24

Dragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)Buy NowDragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)
Dragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)
    Sea Nymph (Discontinued), HQ3036
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Sea Nymph (Discontinued)Add to wish listSea Nymph (Discontinued)
    Wood Nymph (Discontinued), HQ3037
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
Wood Nymph (Discontinued)Add to wish listWood Nymph (Discontinued)
    Jack 'O' Bear (Discontinued), HQ3038
OUR PRICE: $11.24

Jack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)Buy NowJack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)
Jack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)Add to wish listJack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)
    Jack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued), HQ3039
OUR PRICE: $11.24

Jack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)Buy NowJack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)
Jack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)Add to wish listJack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)
    Gobbler (Discontinued), HQ3040
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Gobbler (Discontinued)Buy NowGobbler (Discontinued)
Gobbler (Discontinued)Add to wish listGobbler (Discontinued)
    Paludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued), HQ3041
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Paludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)Buy NowPaludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)
Paludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)Add to wish listPaludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)
    Elf Archer (Discontinued), HQ3042
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Elf Archer (Discontinued)Buy NowElf Archer (Discontinued)
Elf Archer (Discontinued)Add to wish listElf Archer (Discontinued)
    Darsenite Archer (Discontinued), HQ3043
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Darsenite Archer (Discontinued)Buy NowDarsenite Archer (Discontinued)
Darsenite Archer (Discontinued)Add to wish listDarsenite Archer (Discontinued)
    Darsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued), HQ3044
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Darsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)Buy NowDarsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)
Darsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDarsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)
    Minaryth Purple (Discontinued), HQ3045
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Minaryth Purple (Discontinued)Add to wish listMinaryth Purple (Discontinued)
    King Broyan (Discontinued), HQ3046
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
King Broyan (Discontinued)Add to wish listKing Broyan (Discontinued)
    Ibex Moon Initiate (Discontinued), HQ3047
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Ibex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)Buy NowIbex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)
Ibex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)Add to wish listIbex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)
    Baboon Shaman (Discontinued), HQ3048
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Baboon Shaman (Discontinued)Add to wish listBaboon Shaman (Discontinued)
    Baboons (3) (Discontinued), HQ3049
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Baboons (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBaboons (3) (Discontinued)
    Disease Spirit (Discontinued), HQ3050
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Disease Spirit (Discontinued)Buy NowDisease Spirit (Discontinued)
Disease Spirit (Discontinued)Add to wish listDisease Spirit (Discontinued)
    Broo Hero (Discontinued), HQ3051
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Broo Hero (Discontinued)Buy NowBroo Hero (Discontinued)
Broo Hero (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Hero (Discontinued)
    Broo Pack Leader (Discontinued), HQ3052
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
Broo Pack Leader (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Pack Leader (Discontinued)
    Broo (3) (Discontinued), HQ3053
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo Spears (3) (Discontinued), HQ3054
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo Spears (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Spears (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo Swords (3) (Discontinued), HQ3055
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo Swords (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Swords (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo Swords II (3) (Discontinued), HQ3056
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo Swords II (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Swords II (3) (Discontinued)
    Whirling Blades Martial Artist (Discontinued), HQ3057
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Whirling Blades Martial Artist (Discontinued)Add to wish listWhirling Blades Martial Artist (Discontinued)
    Orlanthi Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3058
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Orlanthi Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listOrlanthi Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Pelandan Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3059
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Pelandan Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listPelandan Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Holay Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3060
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Holay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowHolay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
Holay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listHolay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Aggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3061
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Aggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowAggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
Aggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listAggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Dara Happan (Babylonian) Warrior (Discontinued), HQ3062
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
Dara Happan (Babylonian) Warrior (Discontinued)Add to wish listDara Happan (Babylonian) Warrior (Discontinued)
    Yuthuppan Buseri (Discontinued), HQ3063
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Yuthuppan Buseri (Discontinued)Add to wish listYuthuppan Buseri (Discontinued)
    Lunar Officer (Discontinued), HQ3064
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Lunar Officer (Discontinued)Add to wish listLunar Officer (Discontinued)
    Orlanthi Priest (Discontinued), HQ3065
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Orlanthi Priest (Discontinued)Add to wish listOrlanthi Priest (Discontinued)
    Bison Man (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3066
OUR PRICE: $18.74

Out of stock
Bison Man (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBison Man (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)
    Bison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3067
OUR PRICE: $18.74

Bison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowBison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)
Bison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)
    Esvulari (Lord & Lady) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3068
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Esvulari (Lord & Lady) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsvulari (Lord & Lady) (2) (Discontinued)
    Esvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3069
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Esvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowEsvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)
Esvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)
    Esrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3070
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Esrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowEsrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
Esrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Esrolians (Princess, Spearwoman) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3071
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Esrolians (Princess, Spearwoman) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsrolians (Princess, Spearwoman) (2) (Discontinued)
    Berserk Earth Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3072
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Berserk Earth Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBerserk Earth Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Gagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued), HQ3073
OUR PRICE: $16.86

Gagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)Buy NowGagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)
Gagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listGagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)
    Dalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued), HQ3074
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Dalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)Buy NowDalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)
Dalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)Add to wish listDalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)
    Orngerin Thundercape (Discontinued), HQ3075
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Orngerin Thundercape (Discontinued)Add to wish listOrngerin Thundercape (Discontinued)
    Humakti Swordsman (Discontinued), HQ3076
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Humakti Swordsman (Discontinued)Add to wish listHumakti Swordsman (Discontinued)
    Gyffur Ulfsson (Discontinued), HQ3077
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Gyffur Ulfsson (Discontinued)Add to wish listGyffur Ulfsson (Discontinued)
    Tarshites (2) (Discontinued), HQ3078
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Tarshites (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowTarshites (2) (Discontinued)
Tarshites (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTarshites (2) (Discontinued)
    Tarshite Merchants (2) (Discontinued), HQ3079
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Tarshite Merchants (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTarshite Merchants (2) (Discontinued)
    The Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued), HQ3080
OUR PRICE: $24.99

The Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)Buy NowThe Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)
The Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)Add to wish listThe Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)
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