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BACKORDERing Now Available -- Current & OOP!

Just added latest Bones Black! (11/5/19)
Now updating new DHL metals

order just $75+ and get
to ANY U.S. address!
26% OFF MSRP(order <$100.00)
30% OFF MSRP(order $100.00+)
33% OFF MSRP(order $200.00+)
36% OFF MSRP(order $300.00+)
on all current items less than $100
(Actually, we apply the discount to each item <$100, but due to differences in the discount rates between Current, OOP, and Discontinued, the percentages listed above reflect the resulting discount for Current items only.)

  • All "Current" items are 26% OFF, but our "GIANT" DISCOUNTS result in 30% to 36% OFF MSRP for "Current" items! (NOTE: Quantity discounts result in the listed percent off MSRP. For example, the $300+ quantity discount takes an additional 13.51% off our already discounted prices, which equals 36% off MSRP for "Current" items. Similarly, the $100+ quantity discount takes an additional 5.40% and the $200+ quantity discount takes an additional 9.46% off our already discounted prices.)
  • Our "GIANT" DISCOUNTS apply to everything in the store less than $100, not just Current -- though since OOP and Discontinued have different base discount rates, the resulting quantity discount percentages off are different for them.
  • Our "GIANT" DISCOUNTS are automatic and will appear in your cart and at checkout.


SAVE 30% OFF MSRP in our new
OVERSTOCK category!

100s OF ITEMS: Discontinued, OOPs, Currents
(we're reducing duplication to expand our overall selection)

Anvall Thricedamed, Evil Warlord
(Limited Edition of 100, Discontinued)

Anvall Thricedamed, Evil Warlord (Numbered Limited Edition, Discontinued)

ReaperCon '14 "Cowgirl"
Sophie Limited Edition

2014 Reaper Con "Cowgirl" Sophie (Limited Edition, Discontinued)
ReaperCon '13 "Lion Tamer"
Sophie Limited Edition

2013 Reaper Con "Lion Tamer" Sophie (Limited Edition, Discontinued)
SUPER RARE - 2011 Limited Edition - CONVENTION ONLY Mousling

RECRUIT REWARDS Profit Sharing Program!!
   -- Earn store credit or CASH!!
What's NEW? (New Features & New Stock)
Lowest On-Line Prices - 26% OFF
We stock ALL Dark Heaven & WarLord - ALL current, ALL OOP, and most discontinued!
FREE Reaper Miniatures Catalogs on USA orders over $50
FREE SHIPPING - on USA orders of $75+
Fast Shipping - SAME or NEXT Postal Day
Perfect Orders - EVERYTIME
Exclusive, Miniature-GIANT Products
Unsolicited Testimonials


   Recruit Rewards Profit Sharing Program!
  • We will PAY YOU for spreading the word about
  • How does it work?
    1. Just get NEW customers to register - using YOUR username as their "Referring Member"
    2. Then for six months, we will give EACH of you 5% of THEIR product purchases in store credit (Recruit Rewards)
    3. Recruit Rewards can be redeemed at 100% value in store credit, or 50% value in cash
    4. Recruit Rewards will automatically appear in your cart and invoices
    5. Enrollment constitutes acceptance of the terms described here and on the disclaimers page
  • Why are we doing this?
    1. Grand Opening Special!
    2. We know that we have the lowest online prices & best service - we want to spread the word!
    3. To keep our prices low, we must increase our sales
    4. We are already paying for advertising (magazines, Google, Yahoo, eBay, etc.)
      - Why not pay you for "Word of Mouth"?
  • Limitations?
    1. This is a new customer outreach program - only NEW customer accounts will generate Rewards
    2. To make sure recruiters get their rewards, only a customer's first account will generate Rewards
    3. Recruit Rewards are based on product purchases, not shipping, taxes, etc.
    4. Recruit Rewards are earned for the first six months of each new customer's registration
    5. Recruit Rewards can only be redeemed for cash values of at least $10
  • Non-Limitations?
    1. There is NO LIMIT on the number of people you can recruit!!!
    2. There is NO LIMIT on the amount of Recruit Rewards you can earn!!!
    3. There is NO LIMIT on the number of accounts that you have receiving Recruit Rewards
    4. There is NO LIMIT on when you use your Recruit Rewards
    5. There is NO LIMIT on using Recruit Rewards with FREE SHIPPING orders
    6. There is NO LIMIT on using Recruit Rewards with other store discounts
    7. There is NO LIMIT on using Recruit Rewards with other store coupon codes
    8. There is NO LIMIT on which products you purchase using your Recruit Rewards
  • What could you say?
    How about something like:
    Check out!
    They have the lowest prices (26% OFF or more), FREE SHIPPING on ALL U.S. orders of $75+, almost all of the OOP Reaper minis and lightning fast service!
    AND, if you enter "<give them your username>" as your "Referring Member", you'll get another 5% back in store credit!!

    Or, anything you feel comfortable in saying!

  • You tell your friend about the program
  • He registers and enters your username as his "Referring Member"
    -- that registers BOTH of you to receive Recruit Rewards!
  • Your friend then buys $100 worth of products
  • As soon as he has paid for this order...
    • HE gets $5.00 in Recruit Rewards to use on his next order
    • YOU get $5.00 in Recruit Rewards to use on your next order
  • Your friend later buys $55 worth of products (he gets $5 free, so he only pays $50)
  • As soon as he has paid for this order...
    • He gets another $2.50 in Recruit Rewards to use on his next order
    • YOU get another $2.50 in Recruit Rewards to use on your next order
  • Once either of you have at least $20 in Recruit Rewards, you can exchange them for cash at 50%
    (for example, if you have $44 in Recruit Rewards, you can get $44 in free merchandise or $22 in cash!

  • You tell your club members about the program
  • Ten people register and enter your username as their "Referring Member"
    - that registers ALL of you to receive Recruit Rewards!
  • Over the next six months, each person buys $300 worth of products
  • As soon as they have paid for their orders...
    • They each get $15 in Recruit Rewards
    • YOU get $150 (10 x $15) in Recruit Rewards
    • You can get $150 in free merchandise, or up to $75 in cash!

  • You spread the word everywhere you can (acceptible Forums, mySpace, bulletin boards, blogs, etc.)
  • Three hundred people register and enter your username as their "Referring Member"
  • Over the next six months, they each average buying $150 worth of products
  • As soon as they have paid for their orders...
    • They average getting $7.50 in Recruit Rewards each
    • YOU get $2250 (300 x $7.50) in Recruit Rewards
    • You can get all $2250 in free merchandise, or up to $1125 in cash!
      (you can split it however you want, e.g., take $250 in free merchandise and $1000 in cash!)

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   Latest News!
New Products!
  • We now have new releases the Saturday BEFORE their release date!!
  • Dark Heaven Armies are here!
  • We now stock all Reaper Counters!
  • We carry the full line of Legendary Encounters!

Restocking our inventory:
  • We have just bought-out another store, over $4K! (12/13)
  • We now have a huge selection of DISCONTINUED WarLord, over 500 figures!
  • We are rapidly expanding our stock, but we still have limited supplies of many items
  • Warehouse find of Daimyo - absolutely perfect - now in stock!

Full American & International Service:
  • We can now serve ALL American customers!
    -- Servicemen with AA, AE and AP addresses
    -- Territory address in the pacific islands (American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, & Palau)
    -- "First Class" not available to these remote areas
  • We also offer International shipping:
    -- USPS First-Class Mail International - fast, very economical, but NO insurance available
    -- USPS Priority Mail International - fast, economical, and INSURED
    -- with international shipping, large orders are much more cost effective
    -- ALL International orders of US$75+ will automatically receive a US$5 DISCOUNT on shipping
    -- TELL US if your order is a GIFT - it may significantly reduce your import duties.

Cart-Life extended:
  • If you are NOT logged in & DON'T close your window,
    we will track your cart for 10 hours from your last "click"
  • If you want to track items longer
        - create an account and we'll save your cart in our database, forever!
        - OR you can use our wish list system!
  • Remember: items are NOT removed from inventory until purchased
    -- until then, someone else can still buy them FIRST!

Wish List/Inventory Ordering:
  • Our wish list system accepts "out of stock" items
  • We use the wish lists to prioritize our ordering/buying
  • So, even if we're "out of stock", just put it in your wish list
    And, we will do our best to find it!

New Product Lines added to Catalog:
  • Winsor & Newton supplier agreement in place, product expected soon
  • Liquitex supplier agreement in place, product expected soon
  • Studio2Publishing added, see "ACCESSORIES > CASES"
  • Let us know of products/lines you want to see! eMail us

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   Lowest On-Line Prices
All current items are ALWAYS 26% OFF:
  • Dark Heaven Legends
  • WarLord
  • Special Edition
  • Dragons and Boxed Sets
  • Reaper Master Series Paint(both singles and triads)
  • Reaper Pro Paints (current - sealed in "blister packs")
  • Reaper Brushes (both Pro and Master)
  • Reaper Accessories

Certain figures are now "DISCONTINUED", and only available on the secondary "collector's" market.
These figures are AT LEAST 15% OFF! (when we can get them)
  • Special Edition Event figures
  • Daimyo figures
  • DHL Armies - 1st Series
  • Dungeon Dwellers
  • Exalted figures
  • Legend of the Five Rings figures
  • Shadow Corps - 15mm figures
  • WarLord 3-pack "mini-armies"
  • Discontinued Pro Paints

A very few figures are Limited edition collector pieces and are priced accordingly - based on our cost and availability.
  • ReaperCon exclusives
  • early "limited edition" dragons

If you want SAVINGS - THINK Miniature-GIANT!

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   We actively stock ALL Dark Heaven and WarLord figures
             -- Current AND "Out of Production" (OOP)
Think about it!
  • Most Dark Heaven figures are OOP!
  • Some Dark Heaven figures have been OOP for ten years!
  • Most current Dark Heaven figures weren't even here 3 years ago!
  • The OOP figures are what made Dark Heaven what it is today!
  • Your friends have probably never seen most of the OOP figures!

So, where can you get them?  Miniature-GIANT, of course!
  • Most sites only stock the current 400-500 Dark Heaven figures
      We stock them ALL - OVER 1200!

  • Most sites, if they have any OOP figures, they are only recent ones
      We stock them ALL - OVER 700, even those cancelled 10 yrs ago!

  • Most sites, IF they'll special order figures, it may take weeks
      We stock them - available for immediate shipment!

  • Most sites charge full price for OOP or Special Orders
      We discount them a full 15% OFF!

If you want SELECTION - THINK Miniature-GIANT!

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   FREE Reaper Miniatures™ Catalogs on USA orders over $50, while supplies last

All domestic US orders with a subtotal of $50 or more will receive a FREE Reaper Miniatures™ catalog (while supplies last).

Affectionately known as "Casket Works", these are Reaper Miniature's recent catalog (Issue #23, Summer 2007), and are the same catalogs that were available on Reaper's website for $2.20!

Reaper Miniatures Casketworks Catalog #23

If you want FREE CATALOGS - THINK Miniature-GIANT!

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   FREE SHIPPING - on ALL USA orders of $75+!
Many sites make as much profit on shipping as they do on the products!
Does your local store charge you extra to hand you your purchase?
Then why should they charge you extra to hand it to a shipper?

At Miniature-GIANT, we offer FREE shipping on all U.S. orders of $75+!

  FREE SHIPPING, optional on all U.S. orders of $75+
  FREE "processing"
  FREE "delivery to the shipper"
  Only $1 "handling" - to cover shipping supplies and delivery confirmation fees
  "handling" is charged separately to reduce Virginian's sales tax cost

At Miniature-GIANT, you choose the savings!

  No hurry - choose FREE SHIPPING and save! (U.S. orders of $75+ only)
  Want it fast - choose Priority Mail at actual est. cost! (US orders only, based on shipping weight)
  Safe International - choose USPS Priority International with full insurance and tracking
  Save International - choose USPS First Class International for low cost shipping (at your own risk)


  Don't be fooled by "baiting" prices - and "killer" FEES
  Compare the "Bottom Line" - We'll both Win!

If you want FREE SHIPPING - THINK Miniature-GIANT!
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   Fast Shipping - NEXT Postal Day
All items listed as available are IN STOCK and for WEB SALES ONLY!
-- IN STOCK means IMMEDIATE shipment!


  List items BEFORE we have them
  Dual-list items with a walk-in store
  Drop-ship items from a distributor

With Miniature-GIANT, you are GUARANTEED:

  We have it IN STOCK
  We process your order within hours
  We ship by the next Postal Day - usually on the SAME DAY!

If you want it FAST - THINK Miniature-GIANT!
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   Perfect Orders - EVERYTIME!
Fast shipping and low cost is useless if you don't get what you ordered!
At Miniature-GIANT,
-- we guarantee your order is RIGHT, the FIRST TIME!

When we receive an order, we:
  1. Print the packing slip, invoice, and shipping label
  2. A "packer" fills the order - and stamps it!
  3. An "inspector" confirms the contents - and stamps it!
  4. A "verifier" re-confirms the order - and stamps it!
  5. A "supervisor" seals the order and sends it to shipping
  6. Orders are delivered to the Post Office, twice a day (postal days)
Orders are usually received and shipped on the SAME DAY!
Getting it RIGHT doesn't take time - it takes commitment!

If you want ACCURACY - THINK Miniature-GIANT!
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   Exclusive, Miniature-GIANT Products

Miniature-GIANT is owned by ... and dedicated to ... hobbyists!

  To us, the hobby is real - not "just a business"

We have been collecting and painting miniatures for over ten years. As with many of you, we have had a number of product ideas that we wished "someone" would make. Products that would make our hobby more fun and convenient.

  Now's OUR chance

Miniature-GIANT currently has eight new products at different stages of development - from concept to completion. We will be introducing them over the next few months. Sign-up for our newsletter to get all the details, or check back often to see what's new.

  Our latest product is "Lasting-Flow™"
This exclusive paint control additive by Miniature-GIANT is a combined flow improver and fluid retarder - for convenient and precise paint control.  Lasting-Flow's™ mixture ratio is recommended by leading artists in the miniature painting field and personally verified by Miniature-GIANT staff to be an excellent proportion - providing the choice combination of excellent flow control and extended drying time.

  for more information, click "EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS"

If you want INNOVATION - THINK Miniature-GIANT!
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   Completely Unsolicited Testimonials!!
I'm a recent customer to Miniatures Giant, and probably a small one for your site. That said, this is the third time I've made a purchase and I just can't say enough about how awesome Miniature Giant is:
    1. unbeatable prices; check
    2. free shipping (!); check
    3. lightening fast shipping; check
    4. clear communication about purchase, tracking, news, etc. after purchase; check
    5. quick responsiveness to actual email inquiries; check
You have my business. I can't honestly find a good reason to get my Reaper minis anywhere else.
-- Michael, Brighton, CO

I just got your email today, have already received the miniatures, and am extremely pleased with the purchase. Additionally, your refund means a lot to me. Apparently, I wasn't paying enough attention to the site. Rest assured, however, that you have secured my business and that I will certainly purchase from your company again! Thank you for your honesty and excellent customer service, it is a rare event these days.
-- D. Kingsbury, KY

Thanks for an excellent transaction. The site is easy to navigate, the prices are great, and the shipment arrived quickly. I will definitely be a returning customer!
-- S. Irby, MD

Oh yea, whoever did your website did a very nice job. It was very easy to get around and the pictures of each figure were vital. My kids and I had a great time picking out which figures we wanted to buy. It was almost like being back in the States and going down to the local hobby store.
-- S Hales, AP

The packaging was excellent, shipping was fast, the product is wonderful and the customer service was outstanding. I really appreciate the customer service aspect (I use to be an I.T. Technical Support Manager, so know all about CS), there are not many companies left that provide the level of service that I have experienced from your company. You have definitely earned my respect and business (more in the near future), thanks again!
-- Jim Corso, WA

Awesome seller, recieved items in 2 days, very great business!
-- D. Stuckey, KY

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
-- D. Cunningham, NY

Thank You for all your help.
-- J. Whiteley, FL

Glad I found you guys! Great prices, no better selection to be sure. Will be ordering a lot more in the future!
-- P. Pearson, KY

Just a quick note to let you (know) I already received this item. How you managed to get an item I won on (December) 20th to me by the 23rd, I don't know--especially during the holiday season--but I appreciate the quick processing time. I figured I would count myself lucky if I saw it by next weekend! I thought I would send you an email to let you know how satisfied I am. I've added you to my favorite sellers.
-- A. Benick, PA

Outstanding seller, I received the items well packed and lightning fast AAA+...(I) just found a super source for miniatures. I WILL be buying from this seller again
-- J Graham, KY

Lightning fast shipping and great packaging! An amazing seller!!!
-- M. Wilke, CA

Excellent Condition. Great Packaging. Highly Recommended! Would Definately Buy from Again! 5 out of 5 stars! Thanks
-- F. Santucci, MD

Thank YOU, from Miniature-GIANT!
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