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Hero Wars / Hero Quest

    The Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued), HQ3080
OUR PRICE: $24.99

The Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)Buy NowThe Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)
The Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)Add to wish listThe Red Emperor's Court (5) (Discontinued)
    Tarshite Merchants (2) (Discontinued), HQ3079
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Tarshite Merchants (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTarshite Merchants (2) (Discontinued)
    Tarshites (2) (Discontinued), HQ3078
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Tarshites (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowTarshites (2) (Discontinued)
Tarshites (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTarshites (2) (Discontinued)
    Gyffur Ulfsson (Discontinued), HQ3077
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Gyffur Ulfsson (Discontinued)Add to wish listGyffur Ulfsson (Discontinued)
    Humakti Swordsman (Discontinued), HQ3076
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Humakti Swordsman (Discontinued)Add to wish listHumakti Swordsman (Discontinued)
    Orngerin Thundercape (Discontinued), HQ3075
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Orngerin Thundercape (Discontinued)Add to wish listOrngerin Thundercape (Discontinued)
    Dalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued), HQ3074
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Dalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)Buy NowDalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)
Dalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)Add to wish listDalarast Elf Slayer (Discontinued)
    Gagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued), HQ3073
OUR PRICE: $16.86

Gagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)Buy NowGagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)
Gagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listGagarthi Outlaw Band (4) (Discontinued)
    Berserk Earth Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3072
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Berserk Earth Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBerserk Earth Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Esrolians (Princess, Spearwoman) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3071
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Esrolians (Princess, Spearwoman) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsrolians (Princess, Spearwoman) (2) (Discontinued)
    Esrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3070
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Esrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowEsrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
Esrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsrolian Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Esvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3069
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Esvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowEsvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)
Esvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsvulari (Traveler, Healer) (2) (Discontinued)
    Esvulari (Lord & Lady) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3068
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Esvulari (Lord & Lady) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listEsvulari (Lord & Lady) (2) (Discontinued)
    Bison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3067
OUR PRICE: $18.74

Bison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowBison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)
Bison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBison Woman (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)
    Bison Man (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued), HQ3066
OUR PRICE: $18.74

Out of stock
Bison Man (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBison Man (Mtd, Foot) (2) (Discontinued)
    Orlanthi Priest (Discontinued), HQ3065
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Orlanthi Priest (Discontinued)Add to wish listOrlanthi Priest (Discontinued)
    Lunar Officer (Discontinued), HQ3064
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Lunar Officer (Discontinued)Add to wish listLunar Officer (Discontinued)
    Yuthuppan Buseri (Discontinued), HQ3063
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Yuthuppan Buseri (Discontinued)Add to wish listYuthuppan Buseri (Discontinued)
    Dara Happan (Babylonian) Warrior (Discontinued), HQ3062
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
Dara Happan (Babylonian) Warrior (Discontinued)Add to wish listDara Happan (Babylonian) Warrior (Discontinued)
    Aggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3061
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Aggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowAggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
Aggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listAggar Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Holay Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3060
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Holay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Buy NowHolay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
Holay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listHolay Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Pelandan Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3059
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Pelandan Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listPelandan Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Orlanthi Warriors (2) (Discontinued), HQ3058
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Out of stock
Orlanthi Warriors (2) (Discontinued)Add to wish listOrlanthi Warriors (2) (Discontinued)
    Whirling Blades Martial Artist (Discontinued), HQ3057
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Whirling Blades Martial Artist (Discontinued)Add to wish listWhirling Blades Martial Artist (Discontinued)
    Broo Swords II (3) (Discontinued), HQ3056
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo Swords II (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Swords II (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo Swords (3) (Discontinued), HQ3055
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo Swords (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Swords (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo Spears (3) (Discontinued), HQ3054
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo Spears (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Spears (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo (3) (Discontinued), HQ3053
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Broo (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo (3) (Discontinued)
    Broo Pack Leader (Discontinued), HQ3052
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
Broo Pack Leader (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Pack Leader (Discontinued)
    Broo Hero (Discontinued), HQ3051
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Broo Hero (Discontinued)Buy NowBroo Hero (Discontinued)
Broo Hero (Discontinued)Add to wish listBroo Hero (Discontinued)
    Disease Spirit (Discontinued), HQ3050
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Disease Spirit (Discontinued)Buy NowDisease Spirit (Discontinued)
Disease Spirit (Discontinued)Add to wish listDisease Spirit (Discontinued)
    Baboons (3) (Discontinued), HQ3049
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Baboons (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listBaboons (3) (Discontinued)
    Baboon Shaman (Discontinued), HQ3048
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Baboon Shaman (Discontinued)Add to wish listBaboon Shaman (Discontinued)
    Ibex Moon Initiate (Discontinued), HQ3047
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Ibex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)Buy NowIbex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)
Ibex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)Add to wish listIbex Moon Initiate (Discontinued)
    King Broyan (Discontinued), HQ3046
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
King Broyan (Discontinued)Add to wish listKing Broyan (Discontinued)
    Minaryth Purple (Discontinued), HQ3045
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Minaryth Purple (Discontinued)Add to wish listMinaryth Purple (Discontinued)
    Darsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued), HQ3044
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Darsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)Buy NowDarsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)
Darsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDarsenite Swordswoman (female gladiator) (Discontinued)
    Darsenite Archer (Discontinued), HQ3043
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Darsenite Archer (Discontinued)Buy NowDarsenite Archer (Discontinued)
Darsenite Archer (Discontinued)Add to wish listDarsenite Archer (Discontinued)
    Elf Archer (Discontinued), HQ3042
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Elf Archer (Discontinued)Buy NowElf Archer (Discontinued)
Elf Archer (Discontinued)Add to wish listElf Archer (Discontinued)
    Paludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued), HQ3041
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Paludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)Buy NowPaludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)
Paludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)Add to wish listPaludal (Shark Frog) (Discontinued)
    Gobbler (Discontinued), HQ3040
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Gobbler (Discontinued)Buy NowGobbler (Discontinued)
Gobbler (Discontinued)Add to wish listGobbler (Discontinued)
    Jack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued), HQ3039
OUR PRICE: $11.24

Jack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)Buy NowJack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)
Jack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)Add to wish listJack 'O' Bear II (Discontinued)
    Jack 'O' Bear (Discontinued), HQ3038
OUR PRICE: $11.24

Jack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)Buy NowJack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)
Jack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)Add to wish listJack 'O' Bear (Discontinued)
    Wood Nymph (Discontinued), HQ3037
OUR PRICE: $6.24

Out of stock
Wood Nymph (Discontinued)Add to wish listWood Nymph (Discontinued)
    Sea Nymph (Discontinued), HQ3036
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Sea Nymph (Discontinued)Buy NowSea Nymph (Discontinued)
Sea Nymph (Discontinued)Add to wish listSea Nymph (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Ruler (Discontinued), HQ3035
OUR PRICE: $16.24

Dragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)Buy NowDragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)
Dragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Ruler (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Nobles (3) (Discontinued), HQ3034
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Nobles (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Nobles (3) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Demibird Rider (Bow) (Discontinued), HQ3033
OUR PRICE: $9.99

Out of stock
Dragonewt Demibird Rider (Bow) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Demibird Rider (Bow) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Demibird Rider w/Spear (Discontinued), HQ3032
OUR PRICE: $9.99

Out of stock
Dragonewt Demibird Rider w/Spear (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Demibird Rider w/Spear (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Champion (Discontinued), HQ3031
OUR PRICE: $7.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Champion (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Champion (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Command (3) (Discontinued), HQ3030
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Command (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Command (3) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Fighters (3) (Discontinued), HQ3029
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Fighters (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Fighters (3) (Discontinued)
    Dragonewt Scouts (4) (Discontinued), HQ3028
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dragonewt Scouts (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDragonewt Scouts (4) (Discontinued)
    Yanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued), HQ3027
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Yanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)Buy NowYanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)
Yanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)Add to wish listYanafal Tarnils Warrior (Discontinued)
    Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued), HQ3026
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)Buy NowBabeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)
Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)Add to wish listBabeester Gor Axe Maiden (Discontinued)
    Vingan Cult Warrior Maiden (Discontinued), HQ3025
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Vingan Cult Warrior Maiden (Discontinued)Add to wish listVingan Cult Warrior Maiden (Discontinued)
    Kallyr Starbrow (Discontinued), HQ3024
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Kallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)Buy NowKallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)
Kallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)Add to wish listKallyr Starbrow (Discontinued)
    Brian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued), HQ3023
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Brian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)Buy NowBrian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)
Brian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)Add to wish listBrian Of The Volsaxi (Discontinued)
    Ysabbau Merman (Discontinued), HQ3022
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Ysabbau Merman (Discontinued)Buy NowYsabbau Merman (Discontinued)
Ysabbau Merman (Discontinued)Add to wish listYsabbau Merman (Discontinued)
    Zabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued), HQ3021
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Zabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)Buy NowZabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)
Zabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)Add to wish listZabdamar Shaman (Manatee) (Discontinued)
    Malasp Merman (Discontinued), HQ3020
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Malasp Merman (Discontinued)Buy NowMalasp Merman (Discontinued)
Malasp Merman (Discontinued)Add to wish listMalasp Merman (Discontinued)
    Ludoch Mermaid (Discontinued), HQ3019
OUR PRICE: $8.74

Ludoch Mermaid (Discontinued)Buy NowLudoch Mermaid (Discontinued)
Ludoch Mermaid (Discontinued)Add to wish listLudoch Mermaid (Discontinued)
    Walktapus (Discontinued), HQ3018
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Walktapus (Discontinued)Buy NowWalktapus (Discontinued)
Walktapus (Discontinued)Add to wish listWalktapus (Discontinued)
    Great Troll II (Discontinued), HQ3017
OUR PRICE: $7.49

Great Troll II (Discontinued)Buy NowGreat Troll II (Discontinued)
Great Troll II (Discontinued)Add to wish listGreat Troll II (Discontinued)
    Great Troll (Discontinued), HQ3016
OUR PRICE: $7.49

Out of stock
Great Troll (Discontinued)Add to wish listGreat Troll (Discontinued)
    Troll Command Group (4) (Discontinued), HQ3015
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Troll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)Buy NowTroll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)
Troll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTroll Command Group (4) (Discontinued)
    Trollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued), HQ3014
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Trollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)Buy NowTrollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)
Trollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTrollkin Specialists (4) (Discontinued)
    Trollkin Fighters (4) (Discontinued), HQ3013
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Trollkin Fighters (4) (Discontinued)Add to wish listTrollkin Fighters (4) (Discontinued)
    Dark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued), HQ3012
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Dark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)Buy NowDark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)
Dark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDark Troll Specialists (3) (Discontinued)
    Dark Troll Fighters (3) (Discontinued), HQ3011
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Dark Troll Fighters (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listDark Troll Fighters (3) (Discontinued)
    Lunar Warband (3) (Discontinued), HQ3010
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Lunar Warband (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listLunar Warband (3) (Discontinued)
    Lunar Warriors (3) (Discontinued), HQ3009
OUR PRICE: $12.49

Out of stock
Lunar Warriors (3) (Discontinued)Add to wish listLunar Warriors (3) (Discontinued)
    Guy Of Nolos (Discontinued), HQ3008
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Guy Of Nolos (Discontinued)Buy NowGuy Of Nolos (Discontinued)
Guy Of Nolos (Discontinued)Add to wish listGuy Of Nolos (Discontinued)
    Rjorni The Grim (Discontinued), HQ3007
OUR PRICE: $4.11

Rjorni The Grim (Discontinued)Buy NowRjorni The Grim (Discontinued)
Rjorni The Grim (Discontinued)Add to wish listRjorni The Grim (Discontinued)
    Fazzur Wideread (Discontinued), HQ3006
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Fazzur Wideread (Discontinued)Add to wish listFazzur Wideread (Discontinued)
    Jar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued), HQ3005
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Jar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)Buy NowJar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)
Jar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)Add to wish listJar-eel The Razoress (Discontinued)
    The Red Emperor (Discontinued), HQ3004
OUR PRICE: $4.99

The Red Emperor (Discontinued)Buy NowThe Red Emperor (Discontinued)
The Red Emperor (Discontinued)Add to wish listThe Red Emperor (Discontinued)
    Gunda The Guilty (Discontinued), HQ3003
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Gunda The Guilty (Discontinued)Buy NowGunda The Guilty (Discontinued)
Gunda The Guilty (Discontinued)Add to wish listGunda The Guilty (Discontinued)
    Harrek The Berserk (Discontinued), HQ3002
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Harrek The Berserk (Discontinued)Add to wish listHarrek The Berserk (Discontinued)
    Prince Argrath (Discontinued), HQ3001
OUR PRICE: $4.99

Out of stock
Prince Argrath (Discontinued)Add to wish listPrince Argrath (Discontinued)
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