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Deluxe Pro Paint Caddy

Deluxe Pro Paint Caddy, MG001002
SKU   MG001002
Weight   48.00 oz
Status   Current
Price:   $19.95
Deluxe Pro Paint Caddy, MG001002
We have titled this accessory a "Deluxe Pro Paint Caddy", #MG001002. We literally hand measured dozens of carrying cases / organizers looking for the best one for holding the Pro Paint bottles. Although this is a "general purpose" carrying case / organizer and is manufactured by Stanley Toos and not manufactured by Reaper, we believe that it is perfect for holding Reaper's Pro Paint! It will hold 88 Pro Paint bottles where you can easily see each bottle and access them individually -- unlike the Reaper (Master) Paint Caddy (which is perfect for Master Paint, but is just not designed for Pro Paint -- I could only get 46 Pro Paint bottles into the Reaper Caddy and still be able to reach each one individually).

Furthermore, you can place them in rows of 12 bottles -- exactly matching Reaper's own Pro Paint Chart. This allows you to use Reaper's chart as a lookup reference for finding the paint you are wanting. For example, if you want the fifth paint in the third column of the Chart, it would be the fifth paint in the third row of your case. While the case is deeper than is necessary for the height of the Pro Paint bottles, this provides much needed space to store brushes, glue, small figures, etc. above the paint bottles

Again, this deluxe case holds Pro Paint in 6 rows of 12 each (exactly like the paints are displayed on the Pro Paint racks and in the Pro Paint ads in the Reaper Catalogues (which work perfectly for a paint index cards). There is even extra room for brushes, glue, etc. A must for any Pro Paint artist!!

NOTE: This accessory is new and in mint condition, though the package may have some minor "shelf wear" -- just as you would expect to find in a local retail home improvement / hardware store. We guarantee that this product is absolutely new and unused. See our "Bargain Bin" section for SPECIALS, including products with heavily damaged packaging.

Due to size restrictions, this item may not qualify for discounted Priority Mail Upgrade service.


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