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Dark Heaven Legends - THE Standard

2986: Female Necromancer 2159: Arachno Assassin Death Stalker Dark Heaven Legends figures have become the most popular line of fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) models in the world today.   Dark Heaven Legends was introduced in 1995, and every year since then, new and unique models have been added each month.   The Dark Heaven Legends line is a delight for any RPG player, collector or miniature painter.   Sandra Garrity, Julie Guthrie, Bobby Jackson and Werner Klocke are just a few of the sculptors that have made this the premiere fantasy metal line in the world.

Miniature-GIANT is dedicated to providing the most extensive selection of Dark Heaven Legends figures on the market today, at the lowest prices available from any on-line store.   We are committed to maintaining a complete stock of Dark Heaven figures, all the latest releases and all of the cancelled figures -- designs that made Dark Heaven Legends the premier line of pewter miniatures.
(Text taken, by permission from Reaper's Casket Works catalog #20.)

Dark Heaven Legends figures are organized into the following convenient sub-categories:

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