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  • 74005: Battle Bases - Smooth, Hex (4) Bases: Bases come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. They are designed for use with the WarLord or armature figures, but can also be used for markers, chips, or as non-negotiable currency.
  • Brushes: Reaper Miniatures produces two lines of paint brushes:
    • Pro Brushes - crafted using high quality Golden Taklon to provide an extremely durable brush - holds precision point for detail work.
    • Master Series Bushes - crafted using the highest quality Kolinsky Sable hair (world renowned for superior shape and paint control).

  • 72067: Talisman of Scrying Life Counter Counters: Pro Counters are high-quality pewter miniatures designed for tracking the life or actoin points in any collectible card game. They are of the same design and casting quality as the rest of Reaper Miniature's products and are suitible for detailed painting or applying a simple aging wash.
  • S2P1001: Reaper Transport Case Cases & Components: This includes miniature transport carrying cases and their accessories, e.g., replacement trays, specialty trays, lids, and paint carrying cases.
  • 75004: Heroic Sculpting Armatures (2) Other: As the name implies, this is an accessory catch-all category. Here we have placed: armatures, dollies, heads, rulebooks, playing cards, empty paint bottles, etc.
8550: Basic Brush Set, 1 each of 8501 Small Drybrush, 8505 Standard, and 8507 Detail
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