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James E. Baker

Senior IT Executive

32026 Hollyfield Road

Damascus, VA  24236



I am proactively seeking a position as a senior IT executive in the continental U.S.  My interest and experience center on IT businesses and companies that are technology dependent and/or web-reliant, though I am open to discuss alternative opportunities.  Here is an overview:


Essential Requirements

My Qualifications

Enterprise Leadership /

Business knowledge

As Senior Partner and member of the managing board of an IT services company, I defined and drove all corporate IT initiatives, leading to rapid corporate growth and successful company sale.

Organization / Operations Management

12+ years experience.  Developed and executed strategic plans to fulfill corporate business objectives.  Responsible for all IT operations:  personnel, budget, infrastructure, and policies and procedures.

Knowledge of IT solutions

As CTO of an internet/web content solutions company, designed state-of-the-art software products resulting in long-term contracts with several Fortune 100 clients.  As CEO of a web-based retail store, implemented and integrated complete inventory management and eCommerce technology for fully automated, on-line business operation.

Human Resource Management

14 years experience.  Coordinated the activities and integration of full-time employees, outsourced services companies, and individual consultants.  Included internal and external hiring, mentoring, personnel assignment and assessment.


Ability to communicate complex concepts to people from diverse backgrounds and levels of understanding. Extensive experience with executive management presentations.

Management Style

Known as a stabilizing, energizing presence in fast-paced, high-stress environments. Extensive experience mitigating difficult situations between individuals and groups, including employee and customer relations and negotiating strategic, innovative B2B solutions.

Successful track record

Seasoned executive with 20+ years experience working in the IT industry, over 10 years at C-level.  Successfully guided a web-based training company from concept to multi-million dollar evaluation and profitable sale.  Then, founded and operated a web-retail store, which now has had six uninterrupted quarters of double and triple-digit growth.



Thank you sincerely for your consideration,




James E. Baker

CEO, Miniature-GIANT



(276) 492-4944 (c)


James E. Baker

Senior IT Executive

32026 Hollyfield Road

Damascus, VA  24236



Overview: 25-year technical career includes information technology executive, lead engineering and program management roles for both government and private sector clients.  Most recently served ten years as a senior company executive -- taking two start-up companies from concept to profitability.  Currently seeking a senior executive position within the U.S.  My career demonstrates progressive growth in management responsibility, successful strategic technical guidance, and proven ability to build both profitable relationships and organizations.


        CEO experience: 10+ years

        Organization Management: 12+ years

        Chief Information/Technology Officer: 10+ years

        People Management: 15+ years (oversight responsibility for 500+ individuals)


        Thrive on intellectual stimulation. A master enterprise architect with proven business acumen, including business organization, finance, the working relationship between divisions and between executive and lower management, and product design, development, and marketing. “My forte is high-level decision making that impacts complete business structures.” 

        Ability to identify innovative B2B opportunities and establish relationships conducive to company positioning and profitable growth.

        Insight into the interpersonal interactions that affect core business operations—polished by experience.

        Able to rapidly assimilate new technology/processes and refine their application to current business needs in order to improve operations and provide the competitive advantage needed for high-level ROI.

        Excellent people skills and the ability to relate to people at every level of educational, social and technological experience. Ability to explain complex concepts in everyday language; garner employee loyalty; and provide an objective, motivational, productive influence—an exceptional facilitator in cross-divisional strategic planning.


Leadership & Development

Visionary: Ability to envision the full market lifecycle from opportunity to product inception and on through market maturity.  Long-term profitability arises from solid, polished products with effective marketing strategies, not from simply being the first to market.”

Philosophy: “Products should be designed with both near-term market opportunities and long–term market potential in mind. I favor a flexible plan that allows for multiple product versions and multiple releases, with each release being solid and well tested. Releasing under-designed product can damage credibility and jeopardize the entire company. It is critical to ensure both the fitness of the product for the market and the readiness of the market for the product.”

Leadership Style

Shared accountability: To be surrounded by competent people who have a thorough understanding of the business, as well as the tasks, resources and efforts required to accomplish strategic goals. “Micro-managing is disrespectful and wasteful, and misses the synergistic potential of a team composed of individuals who know their contributions are respected and thoughtfully considered.”

Organizational Management

Philosophy: “I hire highly competent people with a solid, trustworthy work ethic. I want to be informed, but leave it to them to accomplish their goals with only general guidance. I offer constructive feedback and then trust people to do their job and to be personally accountable for the quality of their work.”

Process: Organizational strategy designed with a clear understanding of the objectives and the level of resources needed for success. Provide enough flexibility to accommodate unforeseen changes in process at the implementation level, while remaining firm enough to ensure that primary, enterprise objectives are achieved. “I believe that managers need to understand and mentor their people and I favor a reward and recognition system based on actual output, rather than effort. Quality people, given the motivation and organizational support they need, can achieve dramatically successful results.”

(276) 492-4944 (c)


James E. Baker

Senior IT Executive

32026 Hollyfield Road

Damascus, VA  24236




Miniature-GIANT, Chief Executive Officer, Damascus, Virginia (2006+)

(On-line retail company, marketing over 3000 products to the miniature gaming community)

-  Responsible for all facets of company operation and management, incl.:  customer and supplier relations; reseller's agreements; inventory control, procurement, and order fulfillment processes; legal/tax filings; financials and budgets; employee assignments and relations; projects' coordination and oversight; sales and marketing; etc.

-  Established exclusive contract with the community's top manufacturer (Reaper Miniatures, Inc.) as their sole distributor to the Origins International Gaming Expo, 2007 - the second largest annual trade show in the industry, with an estimated 12,000+ unique prospective clients.

-  Established cooperative relationship with Reaper Miniatures, Inc. to market their special order merchandise at GenCon 2007 - the largest annual trade show in the industry with an estimated 33,000+ unique attendees.

-  Created and organically grew to over 3 million web hits/month (increasing 15%/month), to control over 24% market share, and to record 6 uninterrupted quarters of double/triple-digit growth in its first 19 months of operation.


Next Knowledge, LLC, Senior Partner, Chief Technical Officer, Chattanooga, Tennessee (2000-06)

(on-line eLearning company providing enterprise products and services to Fortune 100 and smaller companies)

Successfully grew company from initial concept to multi-million dollar evaluation and profitable sale.

Business Responsibilities

-  Participated in strategic planning by providing technical guidance and advice to CEO, President, and investors.

-  Developed, coordinated and financially managed technological solutions to achieve corporate goals/missions.

-  Interacted with client executives and IT staff during all relationship phases - from prospect to support.

-  Hired, directed, and supervised technical staff, projects, teams, help desk activities, and server farm personnel.

-  Ensured reliable, efficient, secure, robust, and failure-safe server and staff computing environments.

-  Responsible for technology & training to support each division's objectives and employee's responsibilities.

Program Management

-  Research and Development -- oversaw all facets of R&D program, including providing visionary guidance, strategic plans, presentations to the board, budgets & projections, employee assignments, and projects' oversight.

-  Server Systems -- oversaw Server Administration Personnel and oversaw server-related projects and budgets, for both externally hosted systems and privately co-located systems.

-  Technology Infrastructure -- oversaw IT Personnel and projects responsible for the establishment/maintenance of custom computing environments for each division, including:  Administration, IT, Sales, and Client Support.

-  Technology Support -- oversaw Corporate, Client, and e-Commerce Help Desk and Technical Support Personnel.

-  Technology Liaison

-- Presented proprietary technology products and customization capabilities to existing and prospective clients.

-- Facilitated IT communication between departments, to the board, and to existing and prospective investors.

-- Championed integrated product solutions to both company and client executives.

Project Management

-  Lead the design, implementation, integration, testing, and maintenance tasks from prototype to production.

-  NKFrameWorkâ (web-based Course Delivery System)

-- Designed and managed both internal prototype and commercial development efforts.

-- Managed development of custom upgrades for client contract acquisition and support.

-  AuthorSphereâ (MSWord-to- JSP course page Parser)

-- Managed development, quality assurance, and production teams.

-  Designerâ (MSWord-based Authoring System)

-- Managed development teams, both internal personnel and contract employees.

-- Managed software testing teams, coordinated development responses and provided executive presentations.

-  Learning Management System (LMS)

-- Designed and managed both internal prototype and commercial development efforts.

-- Managed development of custom upgrades for client contract acquisition and support.

Engineering / Architecture

-  Designed, coded, & maintained NKFrameWorkâ, an enterprise-wide web-based course delivery system.

-  Designed and coded an enterprise-wide, customizable Learning Management System.

-  Co-designed fully redundant/transaction recoverable server system, capacity of 600K dynamic (JSP) pages/hour

-  Co-designed fail-safe server system, operated without unscheduled interruption for entire tenure


BAKCOM, LLC, Chief Executive Officer, Damascus, Virginia (1998+)

-  Computer services consulting firm which provides various services, including:  personalized software training; custom programming; purchase guidance; hardware and software installation and maintenance; local backups; crash recovery; network design and installation; graphics development; and web design/maintenance.



Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (1990-98)

Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation

Project Development for DOE, DOD (Army, Air Force and Navy), DOT, and various internal funding sources.

Student Apprenticing – directly supervised and coordinated research activities for numerous student interns.

Robotics and Process Systems Division, Remote Systems Development Section (1995-98)

Led Hyper-Spectral Imaging Program Development (FY96-FY98) – internal funding, competitive competition

Led Perception Task for Kelly Air Force Base’s Automated Aircraft Coating Removal Project (FY95-FY96)

Led Hardware Development Task for Automated Aircraft Coating Removal Project (FY95-FY96)

Lead Scientist of Metrology Kinematics for Intl. Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Project (FY95-96)

Intelligent Systems Section, Autonomous Robotic Systems Group (1990-95)

Led Multi-Sensor Integration (MSI) Research in Site Characterization for Autonomous Navigation (FY94-FY95)

Lead Scientist in the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Project (FY93-FY94)

Acting Project Administrative Manager for NAVAIR Project (1993-94)

Lead Scientist for NAVAIR Sensor Development Task (FY93-FY94)

Lead Scientist for DOE’s ORNL Environmental Restoration & Waste Management (ER&WM)/MSI Task (FY92)

Lead Scientist for DOE’s ER&WM/Surface Following Task at ORNL (FY90-FY91)


Bell Laboratories, AT&T, Member of Technical Staff/Software Engineer, Whippany, New Jersey (1987-90)

Knowledge Based Systems Design Group

Lead Scientist for Fuzzy Logic-Based Signal Classification Project

Led Signal Integration and Recognition Task of Signal Classification Project

Lead Scientist for Graphical Man-Machine Interface Task of Target Recognition Project

Led Multi-Signal Interpretation Task of Target Recognition Project


Vanderbilt University, Computer Science Department, Nashville, Tennessee (1983-87)

Associate Director of Introductory Computer Science (1986-87)

-  Supervised 8 teaching assistants and coordinated 21 classes, including materials and examinations development.

-  Managed Computer Science department’s Student Graders and Question Desk personnel.

-  Oversight responsibility for over 500 students.

Teaching Assistant - Responsible for teaching 16 computer programming, design, and architecture courses



   1989   Ph.D. in Computer Science (1989)

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee (1986-87)

   Minor in Electrical Engineering:  CS/EE GPA: 3.94/4.0

   Dissertation:  An Analysis of the Effects of Selection in Genetic Algorithms

   1986   M.S. in Computer Science

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee (1983-86)

   Thesis:  Adaptive Selection Methods for Controlling Convergence in Genetic Algorithms

   1982   B.S. in Mathematics, in Physics, and in Chemistry

King College, Bristol, Tennessee (1978-82)

   Magna cum Laude, Honors in Research

   Research Project:  A Study of Varying Variable Star Systems of the Type RS Canum Venaticorum



Courses:  Programming Design, Programming Languages, AI, Machine Learning, Computer Architecture, Program-Proving, Operating Sys, DB Sys, Discrete Structures, Image Processing, Numeric/Combinatorial Algorithms, etc.

Fluency:  Java, JSP, JavaBeans, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, C, C++, Pascal, UCSD Pascal, Fortran66&77, LISP, Basic.

Familiarity:  Ada, ALGOL, APL, Cobol, Fortran4, PHP, PL/1, Prolog, Prolog1, Python, Snobal4, VB, assy/machine.

Systems:  Unix, Linux, Windows, Symbolics, Macintosh, DOS, SGI, VxWorks, DataCube, LISP Machines, N-cube.



-  Outstanding Achievement Award, Enterprise Learning Management System, Next Knowledge, LLC

-  Invited Book Chapter for: Event-Based Sensing, Planning and Control of a Robotic System:  An Integrated Approach, published by Academic Press, AP

-  Invited Publication for Special Issue of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing

-  Invited to Program Committee and Session Chairmanship for SPIE’s SFDC97/ISAM97 Conf.

-  Special Session Organizer/Chairman, Intl Symposia on Robotics & Mfg/World Automation Congress

-  Special Achievement Award – ORNL’s Engineering, Physics & Mathematics Division

-  Session Chairman, 3rd International Conference on Genetic Algorithms

-  Harold Sterling Vanderbilt Scholarship Winner, IBM Fellowship Award, Science Scholarship Recipient (4 years)

-  Outstanding Senior in Mathematics and Science Division Award, King College

-  Research Fellowship: Kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson, Arizona & Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona

-  Graduate, Governor’s School for the Gifted, Virginia



ApPendix A:  ProGRAM & PROject Managment


o        I have listed only those programs/projects for which I was sole program or project manager.

o        All software was designed, implemented, tested, demonstrated and integrated for operation within the target environment/host system, in accordance with program requirements.

o        All software was designed and implemented using standard Computer Science software design practices to ensure 3rd party usability, reliability, extensibility, and maintainability.

o        Before any of the projects and tasks was awarded, detailed cost projections, time-line with critical path analysis, and internal/external resource requirements were developed and submitted for consideration within the program budget and mission.  I was intimately involved in, and in most cases responsible for, that development.

o        All client projects were delivered and demonstrated on time and within budget.

o        I worked on numerous and varied client projects, but cannot list many of them due to their proprietary nature.

o        Cost estimates are included to convey the approximate scale of the individual projects.


Enterprise Infrastructure:

·      Server System Deployment/Management - Linux/FreeBSD OSs, Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL.

--  External Host, 4 servers, Rackspace, San Antonio, TX (2001-04)  $50K + $80K/yr

--  Private Host, 14 servers, co-located at MCI, Atlanta, GA (2004+)  $100K + $50K/yr

·      Information Technology Systems (2001+)  $80K + $50K/yr

--  Custom environments for each division, including:  Administration, Technology, Sales, and Client Support.

--  Systems include:  VOIP, CVS, Ticket Tracking, corporate email, server and PC security, shared file repositories, auto backups, auto recovery, sales-laptop server/database(DB) configurations, printer pools, PC maintenance, etc.

·      Customer Help Desk / Technical Support (2001+)  $50K + $50K/yr

--  Handle corporate and e-commerce web-delivery questions and develop online help desk support tools.


Enterprise Solutions/Products:

·      NKFrameWorkâ (Course Delivery System)

-- Offline - JSP, navigation, table of contents, external frame links, help system, etc. (2000-01)  $50K

-- Database - added database support for dynamic creation of assessments and psychometrics, results-based auto generated emails, book marking/tracking, system-maintained user notes, etc. (2002-04)  $100K

-- Advanced - added database-specified layouts/themes, Unicode-based multi-language support for 2-byte character sets (Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), AICC & SCORM protocol delivery, etc. (2004-06)  $75K

·      AuthorSphereâ (MSWord-to-JSP Parser)

--  Batch translation of MSWord files into proprietary JSP course pages for NKFrameWork delivery. (2001-02) $250K

·      Designerâ (MSWord-based Authoring System)

--  Initial - MSWord-based template interface to simplify subject matter expert authorship of courses, including: assessment wizards, 9 interaction types (rollovers, clicks, etc), legacy content conversion, etc.  (2001-02)  $150K

--  Advanced - added "bullet-proofing"; off-line previewing; auto-publication to confirmed authorized LMS portal; auto DB integration; handling of update notifications, archiving, and psychometrics, etc. (2004-06) $300K

·      Learning Management System (LMS)

--  Initial - self-registration, tracking, book marking, login security, e-commerce functionality, etc. (2001)  $100K

--  Full-Featured, including: (multi-project effort, 2002-06)  $1100K

- Students: multi-company cumulative registration, dynamic diploma generation, simultaneous multi-course access, multi-registration handling, account info management, progress report emailing, assignment retrieval, etc.

- Managers: assignment to students or groups, manager-to-manager transfers, transfer to corporate sales/resellers, auto or manual assignment retrieval, auto email notification, progress tracking, assignment/transfer editing, etc.

- Administrators: registration/performance reporting, psychometrics, downloadable spreadsheets, real-time assessment tracking, account management, group creation/population, configurable option specification, etc.


Client Programs/Projects and Work for Others:

·         Hyper-Spectral Imaging Program Development (1996-98)  $200K

·         Perception Task -- Automated Aircraft Coating Removal Project (1995-96)  $100K

·         Hardware Development Task – Automated Aircraft Coating Removal Project (1995-96)  $100K

·         Metrology Kinematics Task for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Project (1995-96)  $50K

·         Multi-Sensor Integration Research in Site Characterization for Autonomous Navigation (1994-95)  $200K

·         Acting Program Administrative Manager for NAVAIR Program (1993-94)  $400K

·         Sensor Task Development Project for NAVAIR Program (1993-94)  $200K

·         Multi-Sensor Integration Project for DOE’s ER&WM Program (1992)  $100K

·         Surface Following Project for DOE’s ER&WM Program (1990-91)  $250K

·         Multi-Signal Interpretation and Recognition Project, Bell Labs (1988-90)  $400K



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