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Cards by Laura

Birth: 148C Birth-F163 Birth-F167 Friend-127 TofU-115C Homemade cards are so special.
All made for you . . . one at a time . . . for those special friends in your life.

For special occasions, they arenít in addition to the gift, they are part of the gift! For any occasion, they can brighten someoneís day.

Itís so easy to give encouragement and show how much you care. Who doesnít love a special word . . . a special card?

Knowing that you took the time to find a hand-made, unique card -- not one thatís mass produced and printed by the tens of thousands -- one that's as special as they are!


Cards by Laura. When the ordinary just isnít good enough!

All cards are individually designed and hand made in the USA. They are 3-D (embossed, multi-layered, padded, etc.) and often hand colored.

Only one of each is posted here, in most cases more are available. Email if more are desired.


Unsolicited Reviews:
Just wanted to let you know how popular your Christmas cards were. One of my aunts posted a picture of her card on Facebook with the note that she was planning to frame it, and my mother called me specifically to tell me that my card was ďthe most beautiful one she ever received.Ē
Christine W., from Ohio

Laura's cards are exquisite. Each one is a work of art. When I give a card from Cards by Laura, I know I have given a card that will be treasured.
Beth S., from Tennessee

I have always enjoyed sending and receiving cards and always spend lots of time looking for that "special" card that leaves me room to write a personal message. Not only did I have a great time making the cards in your class. I LOVED the beautiful cards that you taught us how to make...they were so unique and obviously special. I also loved the manystamps that you allowed us to choose from to personalize our cards even more! Can't wait for the next class!
Bev T., from Virginia

I am so excited about "Cards by Laura". The craftsmanship is excellent and the attention to detail is unbelievable. They are so beautiful. To be able to give a hand crafted card by a local artist is such a special gift. I've purchased cards for all occasions and have loved them all. I can't wait for family and friends to receive their Christmas cards this year. Cards by Laura give a new meaning to card giving.
Shelley G., from Virginia

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